R-Pager is a leader in affordable delivery of emergency dispatch audio to responders via cell phones both inside and outside of their standard radio and pager coverage zones.

What is RPager?

Simply put, RPager turns your cell phone into a voice pager by delivering an audio recording of your actual dispatch to your cell phone immediately after dispatch. You hear your dispatch as if you were listening on a traditional pager!

R-Pager provides other services such as:
  • Dispatch audio recording delivery to cell phones
  • Maintaining audio archives of dispatches
  • Posting calls to personalized websites or other online services for membership or public use
  • and more!

We have pagers, why do we need this?

To Save Money and for Convenience

  • I've forgotten my pager at home
  • Save money by not needing pagers for non-essential personel
  • I don't carry my pager everywhere my cell phone goes but I like to be informed
  • My pager battery is dead or doesn't last as long
  • I'm slightly outside of radio coverage but would still respond
  • I'm completely out of radio coverage and want to hear what's going out
  • My pager gets somewhat poor reception in areas
  • and much more!